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"A translation is no translation, he said, unless it will give you the music of a poem along with the words of it." - John Millington Synge, Irish Writer, 1871-1909

Spanish translation, or English, or Chinese, or any translations, is an art, thus it takes an artist to produce a good piece of translation.

A document that has been translated Spanish to English or from English to Spanish, if it deserves translation, if it is meant to reach a bigger market, it has better be good. So, just how do you tell a good quality translation from a mediocre one? How do we ensure that with our 2nd Process? Read on...

Spanish to English Translation and more...

Bridge S.A. is based in Singapore. And to deliver the best to you, we decided in the beginning to just specialize in the languages we are good at. We began with Spanish English translations. As out team grew, we selectively included other languages. Briefly:

  • English to Spanish
  • Spanish to Chinese
  • Portuguese to English Translations
  • English to Portuguese
  • Portuguese to Spanish translation
  • English to Chinese translation
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Other Services

Besides translations, we offer other Spanish and Portuguese language related services such as interpretation, proofreading, website creation, trade services, etc.

Language Classes and Lessons

We run an exceptionally great content-filled course known as Good Spanish in 8 Weeks™. More info here.

Besides that, we also run a successful Good Portuguese in 8 Weeks™ for companies.

"I get alot out of the classes. I really enjoy learning Spanish."
Shamala, Singapore (2010)

"I contacted a few spanish tutors here in the U.K. but none as good as you!"
Lydia, Singapore (2011)

news and updates

March 30, 2016
"Very professional and timely responses." Diosdado H., Cuba"

September 9, 2015
"Two thumbs up. I really like your service attitude." Ms Aijuan, Singapore"

May 11, 2015
We are back!!! After three years of missions in Brazil, we are finally back - stronger, even better equipped and with more to offer. Stay tuned on the difference we are about to make in this industry.

March 5, 2012
Temporary Suspension. Our BOSS has sent us on another mission for the time being, as such, we will not be able to provide any services for now. Nevertheless, you are invited to browse our site for relevant informations on the topic. We apologise for any inconveniences caused. We will be back!

Nov 10, 2011
Read Global Business Magazine online here.

Aug 20, 2011
Enrolment for September 2011's GOOD Spanish in 8 Weeks™ ENDED.
Free resources.

Oct 10, 2010
Spanish for children - 3 Language Tips to Bring Out the Best In Your Child, click here !!!

Sep 1, 2010
Si eres de latinoamérica, por favor, haga clic aquí.

Sep 20, 2009
We have added a Portuguese to Spanish translation to our list of services.
Click here for more information.

Jul 15, 2009
Bridge S.A. prepares students in Zhenghua Secondary School for the hosting of the Youth Olympics team from Chile.

Mar 04, 2009
Recession? Not for the Hispanic market. Read more about Hispanic Market...
Spanish to English translation is our forte. Read About Us here..

The Spanish and Portuguese languages account for approximately 560 million native speakers worldwide. Read more about Latin America.

Are There Really More Than One Type Of Spanish?

Well, yes. First of all, we have European Spanish and Latin American Spanish. They are different in a few ways. And even within Latin America, different countries / peoples express differently in Spanish too.

For instance, though both the Mexicans and the Chileans understand each other, they speak a slightly different Spanish each.

One of the differences lies in the common vocabulary they each use.

For example, the Mexicans use the spanish word "aguacate" for the fruit we call "avocado" while the Chileans use the word "palta".

Another example is the word for carpark. In some parts of latin america, its "parqueadero" whilst in another part its may be called "playa de autos" or "playa" in short - used in the wrong places, the word "playa" may be misunderstood as "beach".

Another difference is just the way feelings or things are expressed. For example, in Chile, to say to someone that you miss him/her you would say "te echo de menos". In Mexico, the same expression would sound weird to the majority. In Mexico, you would say "te extraño" instead.

It is Translation Services With A Difference

"A smile on every one of our client's faces" through Reliable, Hassle-free, Impressive services - that is the Unique Selling Proposition we live up to.

"Your services are very much appreciated." Paula, USA

"In one word, 'Perfect!'." Marco, Brazil

"Your service is above average." Karen, N Resources Singapore

"I didn't expect that you will format it (the layout) as a mirror of my document. It's really very good." Josefina, Mexico

"Thanks for your prompt attention and quick delivery." Ms. Wang, China

"We are delighted with the translation. My request was dealt with quickly and efficiently. I was kept up-to-date every step of the way." Ms. J Taylor, Singapore

"Price more than competitive for the service I received." Mr. A Doegar, Singapore

"High quality translation / quick response." Ms Ong, Olam Singapore

"Quality of your work met beyond my expectations." Mr. Lim V. K., Singapore

"Quick and convenient." Ms Aung, CityNeon Singapore

"In one word: impressive." Mr. Seet B. C., Singapore

More testimonials here.

Why Our Clients Prefer Us

We believe that you, like our other clients, will like us because of the following reasons:

      We have made sure that what land on our client's desk are the best they can possibly get. Your document translations

  • will be done by carefully selected professional native translators

  • will go through our special in-house 2nd Process (done by a professional other than the translator) before they land on your table.

      This usually chargeable, important yet often neglected proofreading process that ensures accuracy, consistency of terms, good presentation and non-omission is done AT NO EXTRA COST TO YOU. This is what other translation houses cannot afford to offer at the same price we quote you.

   Our translations have travelled to numerous embassies and government offices. However, to put you further at ease, we are willing to provide an unusual guarantee: In an unlikely event where you are dissatisfied with our translation work we promise to redo it at no extra charge* Or if your document is rejected by any authorities due to quality issues, we will refund your payment.*

     You will find your experience with us a fairly hassle-free one. We also charge fairly. On top of that, we believe in going the extra mile for our clients, surprising you in ways possible.

     When you engage our services, we return a favor by backing up a soft-copy of the translated document at no extra cost to you. This means that should you misplace your copy of the translated document, we can recover it for you without any charge. Or should you need any extra copies of the translation in the future, we can print them out for you conveniently at a fraction of cost.

How do we do that? That you will never find out unless you CONTACT US to try us out.

*conditions apply

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