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Developing Your Business In Latin America

The First Impression

Someone said, "It is not what is said or done that is important but what is being perceived".

To be successful in Latin America, one needs to first find out what is culturally important or acceptable. All businessmen have the same bottomlines in general, profitability as well as a trust-worthy long term relationship. We suggest that before getting down to the question of profitability, work first on the aspect of trustworthiness .

First impressions are important. Handshakes, among several other things, is a common gesture in Latin America. In fact, our experience in Latin America tells us that they shake hands more than many other cultures - and that is not just between businessmen but especially among friends.

Culturally, the firm handshake coupled with sincere eye-contact is perceived as not just acceptance but also friendship and trust-at-first-sight. Friendship first, then business - is what they are looking for behind those gestures. To help them find that, a good old firm shake is a good introduction. The potential partner may not remember our first name, but a genuine handshake is a sure-fire way to leave a lasting impression and to create the entry for trust-at-first-sight. Work on that.

The key to Latin America is understanding and adapting to their business culture, work culture and social culture.

The Secret

An old story tells of two shoe salesmen sent to Africa.

Soon after arriving, the first salesman telegrammed a message home; 'Situation hopeless - no one wears shoes!'

Shortly after, the second salesman sent the message; 'Quick, send the shoes over - no one wears shoes!'

What one saw as a barrier, the other saw as an advantage. In a fast changing world, your view of the challenge you face determines whether you will be the winner.

When we just started out in 2004, we had to answer questions from well-meaning friends and acquaintances that went something like this:
"Are you sure there is a market for the Spanish language here in Singapore? Latin America is so far away. And even if there was," they reasoned, "Singapore is too small a market."

Like the second salesman - we actually saw a golden opportunity.

Making The Challenges Your Competitive Edge

Many shun the Latin American market because of their official language. Let us propose a paradigm shift: "Language can easily be your competitive advantage."

Though it seems to be insurmountable challenge to some businesses, actually, any business can easily and inexpensively turn this "hindrance" into an unfair advantage. There are various ways to approach this actually.

It is easy to overcome the language barrier and make it your advantage. In fact, it is the most inexpensive way to gain a competitive edge if you know how.

You may want to consider making your products & services understandable and friendly to the respective markets by converting your website(s). That is the easiest way to reach them. We can help you do that. Click here to find out more.

Or you may want to train yourself or your staff, its a worthwhile investment.

Do You Really Want To Have A Break Through In Your Business?

The Latin American market, just like any other market, responds well to well-thought marketing strategies. You have a solution to a need. How do you make that known? How do you differentiate yourself? How do you market yourself? How can you brand yourself?

"Good marketing requires that you give customers rational reasons for their emotional buying decision. There is a formula for success, and the ..., my dear friends, is truly an integral part of that formula." ? How do you do that? Get a valuable 7 PAGE REPORT by a world renowned marketing expert for free. Its our way of saying Thank You for visiting our site. Click on USP now to download it and receive another surprise GIFT!

So, the one thing that you can do today to immediately expand your business into Latin America is...
translating your website into their language.

This is a no brainer, yet we do not see many businesses doing it. That is right. Make your website understandable to this market and you will be able to reach another approximately 560 million people. That's a sizeable market, don't you think so? And, that's what we can do for you too with no hassle on your end!

To understand more about Latin America, click here.

Marketing it the right way

"If your business is not found, the phone won't ring."

There's been a shift in consumer behaviour in the recent years. You see, they are turning from more traditional sources, such as Newspapers, Magazines, Flyers, Direct Mail and Yellow Pages to Local Internet Search. In fact, 78% more searchers use the Internet to find a local business than they did just three years ago. The same is happening in Latin America. More and more people are getting access to the Internet.

Many small businesses have been losing business for failing to respond to this change. NOW is the time to think of an effective marketing campaign and beat your competition. First create a focused website that people can find. Second translate your website to the Spanish or Portuguese language today! That is the fastest way to reach them without being there physically!

Seriously, if you are thinking about reaching the masses in that continent. The fastest, least costly medium in today's context will be the Internet. In fact, no less than 60% of our businesses should come from this effort. It's time to think along this line and work out a strategy. Then, and only then, will you hear your phones ringing. Then can we sit back a little and watch our business grow.

News Clip: Recession? "In down times, Hispanic market is booming" says MSNBC

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