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"People never fail to get impressed when they find out that I know Spanish."  Spanish learner

"I never knew that learning the Spanish language could open so many doors of opportunities for me. I now have access to business opportunities and jobs that I previously didn't."  Intensive Beginner Spanish student.


Spanish is an Iberian Romance language and the second most spoken language in the world. It is spoken as a first language by about 350 million people, or by 417 million including non-native speakers (according to 1999 estimates).
Mastering this spoken language will certainly increase your opportunities in life - irregardless of your vocation - whether you are a business person or an employee. We can effectively teach you Good Spanish in 8 Weeks - an intensive course for Beginners and up. This is definitely one of the best courses in Singapore! More information below.


The Spanish language was developed from vulgar Latin, with influence from Celtiberian Peninsula. From the 16th century on, the language was brought to the Americas, Federal States of Micronesia, Guam, Marianas, Palau and the Philippines, via Spanish colonization.

DO YOU KNOW THE TUNE? There is a tune in every language regardless of whether it is French, Chinese, German or Spanish. The reason why some can speak a foreign language with a native accent is solely because they have learnt to hum the tune of the language. Living in a Spanish-speaking environment can help one to get accustomed to the tune faster. However, not everybody has the privilege of living in a foreign country.

The good news is you still can do it regardless. There are inexpensive ways to help you master the tune. Check out the resources below.

Speaking of tunes, allow us to recommend some nice Spanish music while you work - below. Enjoy :)

1)Gracias (Thank You).
2)Quiero Cantar Una Linda Canción (I Want To Sing A Beautiful Song).     Comes with an excellent display of the Spanish guitar.


To access, just click on the underlined links below.

1. Spanish radio broadcasts - Lots of conversations and spanish music in them (you just need a broadband connection)
2. Spanish TV Broadcasts - A list of Spanish TV programs
3. Latin American news - Read news from Latin America in English
4. CNN News in Spanish - News in Spanish
5. Spanish Audio Books - For advanced speakers or natives
6. Children songs - Songs in Spanish
7. 24-Hours Spanish - Spanish Christian music
8. Alejandra Alonso - Light music to lighten your mood
9. Children songs - Children songs with English equivalents
10. "Daily Hope Devotional" - A Spanish language devotional by Rick Warren
11. Nuevo Testamento - Listen to the God's word in Spanish
12. Google News - A variety of up-to-date foreign language news
13. Singapore Library Board - Browse language resources and borrow for free
14. Latin America - Why Latin America
15. Mil Cuentos - Interesting children literature
16. Selecciones - Reader's Digest in Spanish
17. How To Learn Spanish - Great information
18. Free Rice - Sponsored by the United Nations World Food Program
19. Bilateral relationships - Singapore's relationship with Latin America
20. Executive Spanish Immersion - High quality resources on Spanish immersion & learning
21. Spanish Guitar
22. Spanish Greeting Cards - Send one today!
23. The Spanish Experiment - Just some fun classic children's stories.
24. Cuentos in inglés - Bilingual short stories
25. Theophilus - An interesting journey
26. Telenovelas - Soap operas
27. Sermones- Spanish sermons
28. El Evangelio - Bible in Spanish
29. Learn Portuguese - Free Portuguese Resources
30. Unilanguage - Argentinian Spanish
31. Coming up... an archive of useful articles on language learning. Stay tuned!

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START NOW!    Start young!

Start learning Spanish at a young age!

Click on BBC News for a full report on how "learning languages boosts brain-power".

One of the best gifts you can give to your child or young nieces and nephews is a foreign language! Children can pick up a few languages at a time. Choose Spanish - it's easier.

3 Language Tips for your child.


Searching for a good Spanish language course to get you started on an exciting future? Try us out! It's just a small investment of SGD280 (Check out our Early Bird Special* and our Twin Enrolment Special)*. In 8 weeks, you will be in for a real treat. You will get hands on experience in speaking, reading, writing and even typing your own sentences - in Spanish! Not just parrot-talking.


"The most interesting language course I have ever attended." Katja, Germany

"Bridge S.A.'s Spanish course is a wonderful introduction to the Spanish language. It is innovative, and the emphasis on learning methods (rather than just memorisation) is extremely helpful." Nadira, Singapore

"I passed your name to a friend... and highly recommended you!" Suan Wei, Singapore

"The teacher is patient, listens to the student's needs and is very helpful." Leister, Singapore

"The course lessons are well structured and provide a more in-depth learning to the basic Spanish language." Mr. Ling C. L., Singapore

"I enjoy the class very much, it is lively and interactive." Catherine Goh, Singapore

"It covers more than what I expected." Mr. Yee C F, Singapore

*Click on Good Spanish in 8 Weeks for details of the abovementioned class.

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Spanish for the executive! No time for classes? Over the years, we have come across some really effective self-study materials and Spanish language courses. We found out that every of the following is good for some aspect of the learning process. For a small cost of a student's monthly tuition fee (or less), you can own excellent materials for acquiring a life-skill.

Want a really fast start into the Spanish language? 138 words is all you need. Click Here!


Think SpanishTHINK SPANISH is filled with engaging articles, authentic audio, practical Spanish vocabulary and grammar, lessons and information that is useful and effective. Think Spanish is beneficial for all levels from beginning to advanced.

Included inside THINK SPANISH:
-  12 months of continuous learning.
-  New and engaging articles every month.
-  Authentic audio files.
-  Flashcards, quizzes and more.
-  30 days Guarantee.

"Think Spanish is by far the best Spanish Audio I have heard to date. The pace of speech is perfect! It is spoken clearly, with expression, and the dialogue flows beautifully... I am so impressed with your product that you have a subscriber for life!"
- Pauline, Australia

"My husband is first generation Mexican. Since subscribing to your magazine not only have my Spanish skills increased but I have learned things about Mexico that even my husband didn't know. Thank you!" - Angela, Houston,TX

Get Think Spanish (Think French or Think Italian) at unbelievable prices here. Send us your receipt and together with your experience with the course and we'll send you a valuable surprise!

OTHER GREAT BUYS you'll wish you had known earlier :)

Spanish dictionaries
Deciding on which English/Spanish dictionary to get? Here is a list of some of the best economical dictionaries we have personally used.


Spanish film
Latin American films are both rich and diverse. Mexican movies from the Golden Era in the 1940s and 1950s are the greatest examples of Latin American cinema, with a huge industry comparable to the Hollywood of those years.

Click on Spanish Movies for recommendations.

spanish music From the lively rhythms of Central America and the Carribean to the more austere sounds of southern South America - what rich diversity! Latin American music is a blending of the original with a variety of styles that arrived in The Americas, from the early Spanish and European Baroque to the different beats of the African rhythms.

Boleros, Flamenco, Latin Jazz, Ranchero, Salsa, Tango here.

PUNTO Y COMA AUDIO MAGAZINEIntermediate & Advanced Spanish
We already know that audio magazines are great tools for language learning. Punto y Coma is a bi-monthly Spanish audio magazine that not only helps improve your fluency, it also helps you to understand the diverse cultures of the Spanish-speaking world.

1. Learn SALSA in Singapore. Get a 5% discount off Dance Unlimited Singapore's full dance course fee here!

2. Pick up cool Latin Dance moves from home here.

Do you speak English?
Teach your way to Latin America through a TEFL qualification.


FREE RESOURCE Pitman's Grammar

This Out-of-Print, valuable Pitman's Spanish Grammar is our way of saying Gracias for visiting our site. Click here to get your copy.

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Don Quijote

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