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"Translation, what is lost in the good or excellent translation is precisely the best." - Karl Wilhelm Friedrich Schlegel, German Poet (1772-1829)

Based in Singapore, we are one of the few translation houses specializing in Latin American languages.

Languages we translate

Bridge S.A., based in Singapore, understands that there are more than a 100 languages out there. But we have decided right from the start to specialize in what we are really good at. Unlike many translation houses, we are the translators ourselves. When you have a query regarding your document, we provide the fastest, most professional feedback you can get. Our translation service include the following languages:

  • Spanish - English
  • Spanish - Chinese
  • Portuguese - English
  • Spanish - Portuguese
  • English - Chinese
  • Latin - English

Good Translation

Have you ever come across a document that has been translated in your language and yet you just cannot decipher the real meaning behind those very familiar words?

How frustrating it must have been for you. Very likely, a document like that must have been a victim of "literal translation".

For instance, we have seen the Chinese word for Squid translated literally into "Ink Fish" in English in one publication. Such mistakes can be very embarrassing and often very costly.

Most free online translation machines do just that. They translate literally. If you are just hoping to get a general idea of a given piece of document, these free online translation machines are still useful. However, a lot of guessing is still necessary. So, if you need good quality translation, professional human translation is still the ideal.

At BRIDGE S.A. Singapore, we will make every attempt to help make your document say what you want in your target language and we will make it sound good and right.

"I thank you for your great service. I'll be your permanent customer, for sure." Dr. Eliana, Singapore

Document Translation Services

We treat every document we translate as a piece of art, we work on them with care, not just to adequately interpret the original intent but also the nuances in between the lines, where appropriate. Apart from that, we put a strong emphasis on the final translated copy as well - its design, its layout, keeping in mind how the reader may read and judge.

"I didn't expect that you will format it (the layout) as a mirror of my document. It's really very good." Josefina, Mexico

Website Translation Services

The world is really a small place, and there's nothing better than the Web to prove it. Thanks to the Web, today, most of the barriers to communication of the past have evaporated. All except one, that is: language. A website that can be viewed from anywhere in the world is hardly understandable to all of its audiences.

The need for website translation is a natural phenomena that stems from the marketing and business goals of the organization. Does your company plan to or already sell its products in global markets? If yes, then we can help you to establish a presence, build your brands, and sell and support your products in those markets. And this can be done quickly, simply by translating and localizing your English material.

Translation & Proofreading

When deciding which translation firm to use, always ask: "Will the document be proofread by a different professional other than the translator?"

This is what we call the 2nd Process. It is a very important process that many neglect. This usually chargeable process is done free-of-charge for our clients - unusual, yes, but that is what we do.

BRIDGE S.A. has qualified people dedicated to such tasks. Apart from evaluating the accuracy of the translation, proofreading also serves to ensure consistency in the terms used, highlight omissions, grammatical correctness, correct punctuation, proper alignment, etc.

"Unless another equally proficient professional has proofread it, one cannot authenticate the quality of a piece of translation."

"Met my expectations in speed and ease of service, great customer service." Ms. J Taylor, Singapore

"All I can say is that you and your team have done a good job." Ms. Mili Chung, Singapore

No matter what the nature of your document may be, we make sure that the right professional(s) is handling the job for you. It takes more than knowledge of a language to be a good translator, skill and experience counts, aptitude is essential, an eye for detail and a good common sense a definite plus.

Your translation will be done by good translators with the above characteristics.

Translated documents

Some of the documents we have translated include Agreements, brochures, certificates of all kinds, technical manuals, Company names, FTA, notary documents, official correspondence, passports, transcripts, website contents, etc.

"Straight-forward and fast." Ms. A. Rusli, Singapore

"Quality of your work met beyond my expectations." Mr. Lim V. K., Singapore

"Service very good & fast. I'll certainly use your services again when needed." Sr. Jose L., Venezuela

"I'm really satisfied and glad to have found you." Ms. Pettersson, Europe

"Turn-around time shorter than expected. Much better than competitors." Mr. A. Doegar, Singapore

Interpretation Services

We provide interpretation services too. Our partners are right here in Singapore as well as in various other countries.

Interpretation vs Translation

Some are confused with the two terms and often use them interchangeably. That is fine. However, there is a difference between interpretation and translation. The basic difference is that interpretation is verbal and translation is written. Both have the same objective - to convert a message from one language to another.

Professional interpreters are availiable for both local and overseas assignments.

Other Services

We provide other business services as well, again leveraging on our experience and time-tested skill. For a range of our other services, please click on Business Services.

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Other languages

We specialize in the Latin American languages. Should you need translation services for other European or Asian languages, we can refer you to good professionals whom we know personally and that you can contact directly. Please click here to drop us a message.

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