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Translation FAQs unique to Singapore

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We have compiled some questions and answers for you. These are questions that clients frequently ask us. We hope they are helpful to you.

Certified Translation

Where to find professional certified translators in Singapore?

That's us. Bridge Translators has been providing translation services since 2004. Find out more about us.

What is a certified translation in Singapore?

In Singapore's context, a certified translation is essentially a translated document that bears an official declaration (usually accompanied by an official stamp and authorised signature of the translator). The declaration makes the translator (company) legally responsible for the translation.

Does Singapore have certified Spanish language translators?

Yes. Bridge Translators started out with Spanish translation in 2004. We have since translated all kinds of documents to and from Spanish. Technical manuals, affidavits, certificates, notarisations from Spanish-speaking countries, etc.

Can I get my documents translated from Portuguese in Singapore?

Yes, you can. And it's certified translation you're getting from us too. Read more about our translation services.


What languages do you translate?

We specialise in Spanish, Portuguese and Chinese. But feel free to contact us for Latin and Malay languages too.

I am outside Singapore, can I order from you?

Definitely. We can deliver the translations to you via email. If you require a hard copy, just foot the overseas postages and we'll gladly send it out for you.

Turnaround Time

How long does it take for a certificate to be translated?

Translation of certificates usually 1-3 working days. We will try to meet your deadlines (if any) as fast as we can.

How soon can I get a document translated?

Turnaround time is tied to the amount plus complexity of the texts, the source file and the formatting required. To have a better idea, send us the file for an estimate.

Is it possible to drop by your office to collect the translation on the same-day?

All translations are delivered by email and mailed (if hard copy is required). Email or Whatsapp us a clear copy of your document(s) and your requirements for a free quote and payment instruction. If it is possible, upon payment, you will receive an ecopy of the translation on the same day.


How are translation charges calculated usually?

Translation charges will depend on:

- the amount of time spent on getting the final version. Very specialised terms for medical or legal texts, etc may require research and takes up more time. But, it's not just about text, it's about formats as well. For instance, a poorly scanned document will require more time to translate. A document with tables and graphics may require more time to complete, etc.

- the volume of the text to be translated. The higher the volume, the lower the cost.

- the desired turnaround time. If the translator is required to work around the clock to rush a document, obviously, there'll be rush charges.

Send us your file for a no-obligation quote here.


Can I trust my document(s) with a translator or translation company?

Passing personal documents to a stranger involves a certain amount of risk. We understand that. For most cases, we do not need the actual documents. An electronic format will suffice. The only exceptions will be for notarization purposes. Even then, we can arrange for you to be present at the Notary Public.



When does a translated document need notarisation?

Notarisation is currently needed for ICA submissions. This means the translator needs to appear, declare and sign before a Notary Public for the translation performed. The notarised document will then be authenticated by the Singapore Academy of Law (SAL). Other than the ICA, it is good to check with the relevant parties directly before proceeding.

How much does it cost to get a document translated and notarised in Singapore?

Translation costs depends largely on the source document itself. However, notarisation fees are stipulated by law and are standard.

You may find the Notary Public charges here. The authentication fee charged by the Singapore Academy of Law (SAL) is currently SGD86.40 for each notarised document.

Since the translator is required to make an extra trip for the above, there will be extra time and travel charges as well.
NOTE: Payment for notarisation fees is required before the process begins.


How are translated documents delivered?

For non-notarised documents, we usually provide one means of delivery agreed upon during the confirmation - either via email OR via Singpost. There will be extra charges for multiple delivery methods as they mean more time and effort required.

For emailed copies, always check the JUNK/SPAM folder if they do not reach you by the estimated time.

For mailed copies, SingPost usually takes 2-5 working days to deliver. Please look out for the document in your mailbox.

For notarised documents, due to costs involved, we prefer hand-delivery. Arrangements for handing over the documents can be made at your convenience and costs ascertained thereof. You may also arrange for GRAB delivery if you so desire.

May I request for extra hardcopies?

Sure. Each translation is entitled to a hardcopy (if no softcopy is required). There will be charges for each extra hardcopies requested.


How do I pay for the translation?

You may pay via bank transfer (ATM or in-app), PayNow, PayPal or cash.

Will I get an invoice / receipt for the translation?

Definitely. In line with the current eco-friendly drive, a digital invoice / receipt will be sent to you for your reference.

Last updated: 26/11/2023

For any any doubts, please feel free to contact us.