Fly Away to Patagonia

Rugged and romantic, Patagonia encompasses the southern cone of beautiful South America and links both Argentina and Chile. Both sides have their uniques for travelers.

Want to get as far off the beaten path as possible? Chile's your destination. Can't spend too many days yet cannot miss Tierra del Fuego? Argentina is the answer.

The perfect destination for the getaway of a lifetime.

Beautiful Patagonia is situated at the southern end of South America. The Patagonian region encompasses the southern section of the Andes mountain range to the southwest towards the Pacific ocean (on the Chilean side) and from the east of the Andes to the valleys it follows south through Rio Colorado towards the Atlantic Ocean (on the Argentinean side).

It is an area of approximately 300,000 sq. mi. (777,000 sq. km.), and is home to some islands of the Argentinean Antartica and South Atlantic, as well as the popular territory of Tierra del Fuego, found on the southernmost tip of the continent.

The magnificent landscape of Patagonia is a product of major glaciological and geological transformations that occurred in the region a long time ago. These transformations created mountains and countless valleys, glaciers, lakes and rivers. Patagonia is one of the most uninhabited areas of our planet, populated by approximately 1.5 people per sq. km. It is also home to an incredible variety of wildlife and plant life, many of which is endemic to the region.

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Some Really Fun Activities

Fly-fishing, horse-riding, whale and tortoise-watching, breath-taking scenaries, wild-life, trekking, outdoor camping, etc.

Whether you are planning a honeymooon, a photo safari adventure, looking for a good fight (with the fishes), a different trekking experience, etc., Patagonia Chile will be a great destination.

Ideal for newly-weds, family or peers, hobbyists, adventure seekers.

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