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Want To Master Good Spanish Within A Short Time?
(lessons in Singapore)

Do you want the prestige and career opportunities that speaking the Spanish language can give you?

Do you want to possess an ability that few or none of your peers possess?

Do you want to do it well and do it fast?

If that is what you want then this is an important message for you.

"Since picking up the Spanish language back in 1994, I have had so many lucrative career options available to me. I can now choose amongst enviable freelance professions such as business consultant, proofreader, translator, language teacher, tour guide, etc. I am able to do much more than before and at the same time enjoy a much more flexible lifestyle. As you can see, I am currently my own boss running a language-related business.

I even get to chance to work with diplomats, governors, embassadors, high profile businessmen, etc.

All this isn't possible if not for that God-given opportunity to pick up the Spanish language. God is good!"

Jonathan, Singapore

Not the usual Spanish lessons you see elsewhere

Not at all. We will teach you things you don't normally learn in the typical Spanish lessons.

We will teach you GOOD Spanish at a comfortable pace, and in absolutely the shortest time possible.

Yes, in just a matter of weeks, you will master the essential basics of the language that you will not learn elsewhere (and more).

And you will definitely converse in correct Spanish at the basic level even if you have zero knowledge of the language now.

You may think that's a pretty bold statement but give me the chance to show you how it is very possible, and in fact considerably easy, to learn any language in the shortest amount of time with our course....

What you need to do is simple

BRIDGE S.A. has already carved out a workable method that has benefitted our students and it will definitely benefit you too. It has been designed to help you succeed.

All you need to do is follow the simple instructions laid out in our course and you will master the following:

All you need to do is follow the simple, step-by-step instructions laid out in our course.

"I passed your name to a friend... and highly recommended you."
Suan Wei, Singapore

(went on a trip to Latin America after the course)

So, what is the SECRET?

We do not mind revealing it to you... the secret is in the approach we use.

Due to our background, we see language teaching differently from some others.

There are many language courses out there but only a few things really differentiate them one from the other.

These few things also make one course better than the others. The uniqueness of our approach is

You see, we have designed the delivery of this course with a special approach and with the learner in mind. We have proven that with the right approach, you will stand a better chance of succeeding in language learning even if you have failed before.

To ensure your success, we are giving away a very precious Pre-lude chapter of our Good Spanish in 8 Weeks' course. This resource alone contains various excellent, sure-work tips for learning a language.

"Your lessons are fun and they work!"
Ms. Katja Manthey, Germany

"The course lessons are well structured and provide a more in-depth learning to the basic Spanish language."
Mr. C. L. Ling, Singapore

Who should enrol for this course?

This course has been specially designed for those who have either zero knowledge or just a very basic knowledge of the Spanish language. It will help you build a right and firm foundation.

But expect to progress swiftly yet comfortably with each session.

Even if you have taken the course at the basic level somewhere else and need a refresher, we assure you that you will still benefit from the lessons in many ways.

You may be certain that you will take home valuable knowledge and experience out of every single lesson.

"Its a fun environment to learn a language and there are a lot of opportunities to speak the language in class and learn more."
Simarpreet, Singapore

"Interactive, friendly teacher. Good resources that can be used for revision."
Vincent, Singapore

What else will you get from this course

"The teacher is patient, listens to the student's needs and is very helpful."
Leister, Singapore

"I get a lot out of the classes. I really enjoy learning Spanish."
Shamala, Singapore

And all that for just SGD320*

But, wait, enroll early for our Saturday class and get in at the Early Bird Special rate of $300 ($20 discount). Enroll with a friend and enjoy the Twin Enrolment Special rate of $620 ($10 discount/person).

Unbelievable, yes! That is what some of our students told us too.

Oh, for that amount, you will also get the following:

NOTE: You need not purchase anything else, not even a note pad. The Course Material comes designed to help you keep everything in one single place! All you need to bring along for your classes are your stationery and enthusiasm.

"I enjoy the class very much; it is lively and interactive."
Catherine Goh, Singapore

Our offline classes are currently conducted on Saturdays and on weekdays.


Tuesdays: 07.15am to 09.15pm
Saturdays: 14.00am to 16.00pm


For those who prefer to have private tuition, we can offer you other attractive alternatives. Whether class or private tuition, we do not mind travelling to YOUR preferred venue if you can provide one - find out more from us.

"Just 4 weeks into the course, I was able to form simple Spanish sentences and understand basic Spanish. The enthusiasm of the course instructor (Jonathan) sparked my own excitement in learning the language and led me to discover an interest in Latin American music. This course is really the best way to start learning Spanish!"
Nadirah Hashim, Singapore

"I really like the sessions."
Lyn, Singapore

We invite you to make one of the best decisions in life. To find out more information on our Enrolment Form, please fill up your particulars below and click SUBMIT.

"I really think you are a wonderful teacher."
Siddarth, Singapore

"Usted es un gran maestro."
Robert Chan, Singapore

Will you be like those who wrote their testimonials here? They took the step and moved ahead of many of their peers! One of our students who mentioned he would be a diplomat has move one step forward and is now with the Latin American division of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Or will you watch time and opportunities pass you by?

Upon acceptance, you will receive an Official receipt together with some very useful, fool-proof tips to help you succeed in your language learning.

P/S: *Do not miss out on our Early Bird Special and our Twin Enrolment (discounted rates)! We assure you that this will be one of the best investments you will ever make. Fill up the Form above and click the SUBMIT button.

P/S: The best time to invest in yourself and to get ready for a brighter future is NOW! While competition gets fiercer each day, you will still be ahead of the pack because of this decision you make. Mark our words :)