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Translating the Beautiful Spanish Language

...knowing Spanish alone is not enough to do it correctly.

Not at all.

Why? Because translation really requires more than a good knowledge of the language.

There is a lot involved in trying to interpret the intent of the original text into the target language.

An experienced Spanish-English (SP-EN) or English-Spanish (EN-SP) translator knows the exact procedure to understand the context and the intent and then skillfully translate it into natural, understandable text.

European vs Latin American Spanish

...what do we mean?

Apart from differences in the spoken accents and the usage of pronouns, vocabulary changes make up for the trickiest differences between European and Latin American Spanish. Some words cease to exist altogether, while others gain very different meanings. Here are some examples:

- computer: ordenador, computador or computadora?

- you: usted, tú or vos?

- car: coche, auto or carro?

- handphone: móvil or celular?

- fridge: nevera or refrigerador?

- peach: melocotón or durazno?

- spectacles: gafas, lentes or anteojos?

Within Latin American Spanish

- Avocado can be: aguacate(Mexico) and palta (Chile).

- Parking lot can be: estacionamiento (Argentina), parqueadero (Chile), playa de autos (Bolivia), (the Bolivians use the simplified form playa which can be wrongly translated into the word "beach").

- A simple everyday instrument we call pen also has many names.
It is birome (Argentina, Paraguay, Uruguay).
It is esfero, esferográfico (Colombia, Ecuador); lapicera (Argentina); lapicero (Colombia, Costa Rica, Honduras, Guatemala, Peru, Venezuela).
It is lápiz pasta (Chile; Honduras), besides "lapicero”, “lápiz tinta” are also used; pluma (Cuba, Mexico, Panama, Puerto Rico); plumero (Caribbean coast of Colombia); and puntabola (Bolivia).

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Why? Because Spanish Is Not As Simple As It Looks?

No. In fact, most have no idea of how beautifully complex the Spanish language is.

First of all, we have European Spanish and then we have Latin American Spanish.

Let me explain...

Depending on the audience of the translation, the English-Spanish-English translator will need to have the sufficient skill and knowledge to render it accurately.

Then we have idiomatic expressions within the same Latin American culture that mean one thing for one country and another thing for another.

In fact, they can even change from region to region within the same country.

Vocabulary variations make up for the trickiest differences between European and Latin American Spanish and even within Latin American Spanish itself.

Only an expert translator knows how to deal with those when working on your document.

What Some Of Our Clients Say...

Service very good and fast. I will certainly use your services again when needed. - Sr. Jose L., Venezuela

I did not expect that you will format the layout as a mirror of my document. It is really very good. - Josefina, Mexico

I thank you for your great service. I will be your permanent customer, for sure. - Dr. Eliana, Singapore

Very professional and timely responses. - Diosdado H., Cuba