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Registered as a translation service provider in 2004, Bridge SA Pte Ltd is just not the usual Singapore-based translation company you will find.

We regard good translation as having the following qualities:


Accuracy is the first and most important quality of a good piece of translation

The meaning of the source text has to be conveyed in the most precise way into the target language.

Sometimes, this means that the translation will even have to be clearer than the original text.


The translation must be adapted to the context

This is where online translation misses the mark most of the time. They translate literally.

If you are just hoping to get a general idea of a given piece of document, these free online translation machines are still useful. However, a lot of guessing is still necessary.

So, if you need good quality translation, professional human translation is still be the ideal.


The translated document must sound natural and native

This simply means that the translator “uses words in a way that the reader uses in his or her language”.

Especially for non-technical translations, a skilled translator will strive to make the translation sound human.

This requires creativity and oftimes means that we will have to stray away from the original words to produce something that sounds normal to the audience.


The translated document must be as spotless as possible

This sounds like a no-brainer.

Yet, grammatical, spelling and syntax errors are not uncommon in translated documents.

Sad to say, we are surrounded by many bad translations, we do not have to look too far to notice that.

To solve that, a good translator proofreads the document to make sure the text is as close to perfect as possible.

This might mean involving a proofreader.

This, is the option we go for since "two heads are better than one!"


...even though it increases our costs and time

When deciding which translation firm to use, always ask: "Will the translated document be proofread by a different professional other than the translator?"

Here at Bridge SA, we leave nothing to chance and we are not here to waste your time.

We consider proofreading an important part of the translation process.

This is not the case for all translation firms.

Such is what we call the 2nd Process.

As far as it depends on us, we prefer not to send out our documents with our fingers crossed. We pass it through our 2nd Process.

Even though the extra process costs us more time and resources and is usually chargeable, we do it free-of-charge for our clients - unusual, yes, but that is what we do.

At Bridge SA Singapore, we make every attempt to ensure that the intended message is properly communicated in the target language and sounds right.

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...look no further

Anyone who has tried to learn another language knows that translation is a difficult art to master.

Cognates often turn out to mean something else, prepositions are not used the same way, idiomatic expressions sometimes become meaningless.

We all recognize a bad translation when we see one. But what is a good translation? We hope you have found some answers on this page useful.

What Our Clients Like About Us

A smile from every client.... that is what we strive to achieve through Reliable, Hassle-free and Impressive services.

I am very satisfied with your services. - Mr. Chen Xiao, China

In one word: Impressive. - Mr Seet B.C., Singapore

All I can say is that you and your team have done a good job. - Ms Milli Chung, Singapore

Quick and convenient. - Ms Aung, CityNeon Singapore

Straight-forward and fast. - Ms A. Rusli, Singapore

Service very good and fast. I will certainly use your services again when needed. - Sr. Jose L., Venezuela

Good service. - Jiayu, China


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