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Foreign Language for Your Child

... expand their horizon and possibilities

Whether your child is at that pre-school or elementary age, they will surely benefit from learning a foreign language.

So, what can a parent do to help a child pick up a foreign language faster?

Allow us to share three simple tips with you.

Three Simple Tips faster foreign language acquisition

1) Expose Them To The Foreign Language

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Cartoons, songs, rhymes, storybooks, anything!

Findings published in various science journals suggest that children as young as 20 months are able to begin learning a foreign languages.

If that is true, your child can begin to take in proper doses of the language even before he or she can utter the first word.

Play a lullaby or a rhyme or a song in a foreign language, whether it be in Spanish or in Portuguese.

You will be surprised at how the child will marvel at the language without a frown.

As the child grows and begins understanding speech, you can gradually introduce simple and short stories read by a native.

2) Flash Those Cards

language flashcards

We have all heard about flashcards.

Whether we are learning a mother tongue or a foreign language, this tool has proven itself to be very useful when the child is just beginning to read.

Use cards that have interesting animal pictures on one side and the language equivalent word on the other.

Besides animals, other objects of interests may also be used for this exercise.

3) Make It Rewarding

Every child loves rewards for good effort. It makes learning fun.

Add a little challenge to it as the child progresses, raise up the level as he or she progresses.

And remember to encourage them with genuine words whether or not they do well is important.

While helping a child to learn a foreign language, it is important to keep the motivation level high.

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The Accelerated Learning Method

I first came across the term Accelerated Learning from an advert I read on an in-flight magazine back in the 2003 on my way back from Latin America.

The method promised to unlock the mind, to aid in mastering a foreign language with ease and more.

The notion interested me so much that I immediately placed an order for the book.

Needless to say, I waited eagerly for the book and devoured it the moment in landed in my hands.

In fact, I read the book intently from cover to cover more than twice, highlighted significant portions of it and jot down my thoughts on it.

The book became the go-to reference as I developed Good Spanish In 8 Weeks™ (or GSi8W™), the course that will be remembered as GSi8W™ in short.

I know, I am being biased here. Why do I keep talking about the Spanish language?

Frankly, it is because I sincerely think that it is one of the easier languages for an English speaker to pick up.

And, having mastered Spanish, the next most obvious choice would be Portuguese - at least that is what my experience taught me.

To find out more about GSi8W™, click the button below.

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Start Creating The Environment For Your Child

...some suggestions you may find helpful.

Play foreign language audio story books to your child

Learn simple words and phrases with your child (make it a "secret language")

Tune your car radio to some foreign language station for children

Use flashcards from Language Lab App. Check out the Practice Makes Perfect series

Set your GPS to the foreign language and turn it on when you are going somewhere familiar (use with caution)

Read up on Patagonia Chile.