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Olá. Tudo bem? (Hi, how are you?)

If you don’t already know Portuguese, you really should consider learning, like, agora (now)!

There are plenty of good reasons to want to learn Portuguese.

From enjoying Portuguese beats to having an exciting experience studying abroad, learning Portuguese can truly expand your horizons and job prospects while making your life colorful.

1. It adds to your confidence
For sure! People can't help but get curious about you when you start speaking in a foreign language.

2. It enlarges your worldview
Knowing a new language gives you a deeper view into and an appreciation of its culture.

3. It turns you into a more interesting individual
The new language enriches you and gives you more to talk about. Simply start a conversation with "Did you know...?"

4. It multiplies your capacity
You will be able to things you were not able to before you knew the new language.

5. It does wonders to your social life
Knowing Portuguese means you can now make friends in Brazil, Portugal, Mozambique, etc and anyone who speaks the language.

6. It adds fuel to your career
Believe it or not, knowing one more language makes your resume stand out and gives you an "unfair" advantage.

7. It offers you more choices in life
You can now decide to live, work or do business in places and with people that speak the language.

8. It develops your capability to focus
Tackling grammatical rules, structure and lexis of a new language will require focused attention. That enhances your eye for details plus it will give your mathematical ability a boost.

9. Overall, it improves your speed of learning
Cognitive abilities grow with language acquisition. The extended exercise of word memorization, understanding and applying general concepts gives you the intuition for other subjects.

Guess What? We Accelerated It

I first heard about the term Accelerated Learning, it was from a commercial I read on an in-flight magazine. That was back in the 2003, I was flying back from Latin America.

The mentioned method promised to open up the mind and to shortcut the mastering of a foreign language.

The idea interested me so much that I wasted no time in placing an order for the book.

After that, it was several weeks of eagerly checking my mailbox. I could not wait for it to landed in my hands.

The well written handbook was really worth my wait.

In fact, I devoured it from cover to cover more than twice, highlighted many portions of it and wrote notes of what I picked up in the pages.

The language handbook became the reference material I used for developing Good Spanish In 8 Weeks™ (or GSi8W™), the course that shall be fondly remembered as GSi8W™ in short.

I am probably being biased here. Why such insistance about the Spanish language?

Honestly, it is because I consider it one of the easier languages for any English speaker to pick up.

And, the most obvious choice after mastering Spanish would be Portuguese - at least that is what my experience taught me.

We then developed Good Portuguese in 8 Weeks™ using the same principles for GSi8W™.

To find out more about GPi8W™, click the button below.

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A Course

...to get you started.

Want a fast and solid start to the Portuguese language? We have something for you.

Good Portuguese in 8 Weeks™ allows you to learn the language in a non-threatening, small group setting.

In just 8 weeks, you will learn the necessary to give you a great foundation.

You will get hands-on experience in speaking, reading and writing in the Portuguese language.

Save yourself the hassle of trying to figure it out yourself; jump onto a well structured course today for a tiny fee. Find out more.

What Our Ex-students Say...

I enjoy the class very much; it is lively and interactive. - Catherine Goh, Singapore

Your lessons are fun and they work! - Katja Manthey, Germany

Recommended! I benefitted much from your short course before I left for South America! - Karen Huang, Singapore

I passed your name to a friend... and highly recommended you. - Suan Wei, Singapore

I get a lot out of the classes. I really enjoy learning Spanish. - Shamala, Singapore

Keep Your Language Alive!

...some suggestions you may find helpful.

Set your GPS to Portuguese and turn it on when you are going somewhere familiar

Set your electronic devices (phone/computer/apps) to Portuguese

Speak in Portuguese with a native speaker friend/acquaintance online or face-to-face

Tune your car radio to some Portuguese station

Use flashcards from Language Lab App. Check out the Practice Makes Perfect series

Read online newspapers in Portuguese like O Globo and Brazil's Journal Pequeno

Pay a visit to the local Portuguese-speaking Embassies