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Singapore's Spanish, Portuguese and Chinese Translator

Get your documents translated to and from Spanish, Portuguese and Chinese with us!

Quality native translations recognised by ICA, MOM, the Traffic Police & other government bodies. Our documents are also accepted by local ambassies and consulates.

Documents we translate

Need to translate a driving license? A diploma? A certificate? A health report? A technical manual? A proposal? A recipe or a book? Some marketing materials?

The above are just some of the very few documents we are good at. Over the years, we have also translated notarial certificates, international trade agreements, court documents, deeds, website content, etc.

Established since 2004

We are here to be your bridge - we exist to bridge you linguistically.

BRIDGE SA has been translating documents for our many clients from Asia, Latin America, USA, Europe and Africa even before we were registered in 2004

Truly Specialised

We differentiate ourselves from most others in the industry not just because we ourselves know the languages, we do things unconventionally. We specialise only in languages we know.

We understand that this means limiting potential businesses we could get by doing every other language but we believe it is a cost worth paying for our clients.

Why Our Clients chose Us

We know, there are many such companies out there, why choose us?

Among many other reasons, our clients come back to us because:

What else? As far as possible, we do all we can to make the experience a pleasant one.

What some of our clients say of our service:

High quality translation / quick response. - Ms Ong, Olam Singapore

Quick and convenient. - Ms Aung, CityNeon Singapore

We are delighted with the translation. My request was dealt with quickly and efficiently. I was kept up-to-date every step of the way - Ms. J Taylor, Singapore

Thanks for your prompt attention and quick delivery. - Ms. Wang, China

In one word, 'Perfect!' - Marco, Brazil

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